Associate Digital Marketing Manager | EDRA Publishing US 


San Francisco, CA - March 2020 - Present


A publishing company in the Healthcare Industry

Edra Publishing is the multinational group focused on evolving professional knowledge in both medical and legal communities, dreaming new solutions for the future of healthcare. Edra is about a new idea to deliver value in healthcare.

Edra's Digital, Social Media Case


Edra Publishing is a successful European publishing company focused on healthcare, the organization started its operations in the United States in early 2020; the challenge ahead was to penetrate the big American market of healthcare books, distributing its more than 200 titles around the country and American continent.

Due to the new advent of technologies like social platforms and the strong presence of ebooks in e-commerce like Amazon.com, a new opportunity was created that was focusing on quality marketing and positioning its products as a differential in the market.




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