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Edra Publishing Digital, Social Media Case


Associate Digital Marketing Manager | EDRA Publishing US 

San Francisco, CA - March 2020 - Present

The challenge ahead was to penetrate the big American market of healthcare books, distributing its more than 200 titles around the country and American continent.


Edra Publishing is innovating its marketing strategies in the American healthcare market. The company started its operations in the US to position its brand as a big player like it is in Europe. I was challenged to do the branding from scratch, recruit influencers, explore new relevant social media platforms, and launch social media marketing channels. I was hired as the sole strategist and marketing manager for marketing initiatives in America. 


I launched the social media channels, designed, developed, and automated media planning, and helped grow the number of followers on the platform. This was done through content creation, paid advertising, event marketing, social media customer service, analytics, and email marketing. The goal identified is to increase the ROI and ROAS through contextualized digital marketing activities. By the end of 2021, an increase of 25% budget for all Edra marketing strategies is expected.



Throughout my tenure at EDRA Publishing, I helped grow the American community on the platform to over 85% per month. This has been done primarily through organic content creation and marketing. However, I also ideated and launched multiple paid advertising campaigns (A/B Testing), seeing cost per click metrics as low as $0.46 with an increased engagement.

I helped manage the plan, launch an event called #EDRAChicagomidwintermeeting, which led to new business opportunities & contracts with USA and CANADA partners, generating a 3x spike in weekly platform sign-ups, and earned us over 500,000 users generated social media impressions.

Edra Publishing is now a well-known Italian (Europe) and American media agency, and now the company is expanding its operations to Canada.

The following infographics will demonstrate some Digital & Social Media marketing examples for Edra Publishing.

Google Ads

Perform SEO/Keywords Analysis, Facebook Ads & Google Analytics resulting in increased traffic of 85%.

Tracking website conversion results: Constantly running: A/B testing | SEMRUSH: + CPC, PPC, ROAS, CTR

Facebook/Instagram Carousel Ads

Designed social media content & organic and paid advertisements resulting in 30% sales growth by Dec 2020.

Created/Managed Paid campaigns to increase Edra's Publishing e-commerce website and its sales.
Tracking website conversion results: Facebook Pixel | Constantly running: 5-7 A/B testing ad sets per campaign | Audience insights: + CPC, PPC, ROAS | Weekly KPI's Reports

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 2.54.48 PM.png



Example: Personalized Facebook/Instagram carousel ads for 200 book titles.


increase in website traffic

200 +
Posts: Veterinary book titles designed

7 ads

Campaigns launched

per week


Community growth

Instagram video organic & paid ads

200 +
Posts: Ads illustrations Veterinary book titles designed

20 +

Veterinary videos designed

7 ads

Campaigns launched

per week


Instagram engagement growth

LinkedIn ads

Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 2.51.55 PM.png


LinkedIn community growth

30 +

Live virtual events

Campaigns launched

7 ads

Campaigns launched

per week


Felipe Souza - Copyright 2021

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