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The marketing strategies advances and how it impacts our lives in these days.

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Marketing is a very interesting subject regarding its amount of possibilities and different ways of implementing it, for human beings, by definition, “Marketing” is the act of market something, through promoting or selling, it is a daily activity that all people carry with themselves, sometimes without even noticing it, it’s part of the natural behavior performing marketing, either to create relationships, to gain something in exchange or even as an excuse for something or someone.

Moreover, for the business environment, the concept of marketing is becoming more detailed and strategic due to the online platforms available nowadays, designed and developed to improve the professional's performance and speed up some tasks.

Therefore, these platforms have different ways to reach different audiences, being adaptable to different behaviors, locations, usage style, and time. In order to gather the consumer attention and desire, marketers are usually playing with consumer data and much other relevant information which can help advertisers reach their audience better and with more effectiveness, investing less money and time, and having better outcomes.

Reaching a consumer in these days is easier than 15 years ago, it requires less capital, resources to have a big marketing impact, but it is required more quality and creativity to make the consumer choose a specific brand, due to the number of competitors trying to persuade at the same time, all the time, and through different legal and illegal methods, the internet has become an unfiltered land where everything is allowed. On the other hand, the consumers are being benefited by this wide competition among brands and products, due to the number of quality offerings they can choose with a higher satisfaction level, and lower prices.

In summary, consumer behavior has been changing exponentially in the last years, they are more selective and demanding, having on its hands better platforms that can offer much more good product options which are promising to solve whichever necessity they have.

Marketers know this and are taking fair advantage of this new scenario, reaching out to more possible buyers with better and qualified information, translated into more effective and appealing advertisements.

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