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How to perform an impactful marketing campaign in social media with a limited budget?

I always associate the idea of effective digital marketing campaigns and a limited budget with the following basic marketing concepts:

Competitors: It’s religiously important to be aware of what the competitors are doing in terms of marketing actions and how they are operating their campaigns. Moreover, it’s important to perform a periodical analysis of how their audience is behaving to its content, there is always an information GAP that the competitors are leaving behind, and it’s intrinsic relevant to find and explore these differentiations for the objective/goal’s benefits.

Format: Choosing which ads format are most appropriate/effective for the target audience, that can be either a picture/photo, short/long video, considering the appropriate tone that the audience speaks, and which kind of language the target audience is more likely to identify themselves to make a bigger impact and translate the desired message better.

Creativity: What’s the best way to leverage the target audience's attention and engage with them through creative posts, videos, illustrations, or animations. There is a lack of creativity for organic and paid posts these days that are needed to be explored, it seems that marketers are more concerned with analytics than using creativity to translate their message with more efficiency, thus these are the topics that would ignite the creativity and problem solving for marketers.

Placement: What would be the smart moves of choosing where to place a campaign properly, to contribute and maximize the limited budget. The questions that are needed to answer are, in which media my content would reach more efficiently my target audience, and how long it would be running in order to reach the metrics that my company desires.

Since the beginning of the year, I have been working with healthcare products, specifically focused on driving sales of books and webinars through our e-commerce platform. Thus, our main efforts are to target veterinarians, dentists, and general doctors who are still in the university or looking for some specialization in their field. To emphasize that, as I noticed the targeted audience are highly educated professionals, and having a limited budget to reach properly who we wanted in our social platforms, the investment in creativity was one of the main factors that made our brand/product awareness be more effective and differentiated from what the competitors are advertising around the social media environment.

For both organic and paid posts, our efforts have been in illustrating the value proposition that each book/webinar has to offer, with better and visually enhanced ads in comparison to what the competitors are making, adding compelling storytelling that connects the offerings to the needs of our target audience throughout the proper social media platforms.

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