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When a good design and UX/UI is already a marketing strategy. feat.Checkitout!

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

There are many mobile applications under development and being launched as we speak, and individuals and minds behind of design and development, usually start understanding the challenges to translate their ideation into a product, and consequently, after many brainstorming sessions, research, and tries and errors, designers and engineers realize that more important than putting a functional product in the market, is to make the User Experience (UX) of who is using the platform to become easy, straight to the point and comfortable to play with. Moreover, the UX will not have a positive and powerful impact over the user without the support of a well designed User Interface (UI), meaning the business and its value proposition is not being visually represented over what is possible to access from competitors and others well-known applications in the market.

The Checkitout! App.

Moving from the third person to the first person, I, as a Checkitout! graphic designer, discovered along some time, that to achieve the designs goals that I wanted, along to what I considered "perfection", was turning to be like shooting in my foot, and instead I had to gather a higher number of users in the platform to then, move forward with designing improvements. In summary, there is no perfection to be achieved without the thing called feedback, and it's even better when you have a lot of feedback, which according to the majority of people heard, and through proper evaluation, it's then possible to trace the path to where the UX/UI has to go, along with time, maturity and new technology trends/possibilities.

Color Harmonization that represents the business value proposition.

Another goal that I usually pursue in my designs is to match the colors of what I believe that represents better the business value proposition that I am working on, for Checkitout! the platform, it was important to balance some similar colors tons, and pick those with a good contrast, resulting in a better information organization, that does not require too much from the brain to understand the information printed.

In conclusion, the whole idea is to absorb well the entire meaning of what is being under development and design, setting up clear goals and narrowed ideas that will lead naturally to the product development, through some insightful as well as valuable dump feedbacks. In addition, it's also important to follow basic guidelines that graphic design requires, and especially focusing on the experience that the user will have using the platform/application, and if the implementation is successful, the marketing of the product simply and naturally will be done by word of mouth, this is an effective marketing strategy.

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