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A bit about me


I am a social media savvy who thrives on translating a product/brand value proposition into a powerful and clear message that connects to the target audience's needs. Also, I am a detailed oriented professional who knows how to engage periodically with the persona's through different tools that social media platforms offer, using organic & paid content.

• Experience creating quality content and engaging with the target audience.
• Passionate analyzing people's behavior.
• Strategic thinker, problem solver.
• Designer geek, cooking enthusiast and motivated about life.
• I strive to be a good communicator and a good listener.


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The Agency

What I do

I have 10+ years of experience with Marketing, with a deep understanding of branding, positioning, audience behavior, storytelling, proper media channels, and social media growth strategy.


I custom create organic & paid advertising content from scratch, based on product/brand vision and goals.

Digital Marketing Manager

I collaborate with the teams to create the picture-perfect campaign that best represents the company or product message, values, transmitting properly to the audience's understanding and engagement.


Also, I worked and lead different teams throughout the work process to ensure business ROI, with data analytics and detailed marketing report progress.

Marketing Strategy

Paid & organic advertising that converts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

Video Marketing and Ad Copy.
Social-first video production, from concept to publication and SEO.

UX/UI Designs for mobile and desktop.

Graphic Design & Social Media Advertising

Desktop Platform, IOS


How will we work together?


1. Creating Digital Marketing Strategies

My goal is to transform a vision into a thoughtful and structured message, to the proper audience, using effective communication and well-designed digital campaigns.


2. Design

I have different design styles that endorse visually the needs that your business wants to offer/advertise.

Through effective business positioning, I will find the best visual communication style that fits your value proposition, and also that speaks your audience language.


3. Campaigns Development

With more than 10 years of experience identifying target audiences, I have the capability to build multiple campaigns from scratch and integrate the best practices to engage with your audience through digital and social media platforms. 

4. Launch & Growth

I want you to have the best advertising campaigns in hand which will make your business grow. I will help you structure the media planning, budget investment, content designing & posting. Retargeting, increase qualified leads, all the funnel stages, and retention for more conversion cycles. 

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San Francisco, CA



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